Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to help families gain peace in their household through routine and training, love, and communication without having to struggle financially to afford exception training for their four-legged family member. Training sessions can be very expensive, but Training for All can provide exception training at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

We believe in mainly positive reinforcement training. That means that dogs will repeat good behavior when it’s followed by a reward. Bad behavior does not get a reward or acknowledgement. If correction needs to happen, it comes in the form of removal of rewards, like a toy or treat being taken away. Harsh reprimands or physical punishments aren’t necessary.

Training for All staff will travel to you (unless other arrangements are made)!


Our training sessions start as early as 9am.


Payment is made when you book your appointment through the website.


You can start training your dog as early as 8 to 12 weeks old.


You can schedule an appointment on our website under the Book Online section.


You can find out what will be taught in each of the training sessions when you go to the Book Online page.



  1. Once a package or session has been purchased, no refunds can/will be issued.
  2. If Client fails to give at least 24 hours cancellation notice, or is not present at time of scheduled appointment, session fees are still due. For a package deal, the session will still be counted as one session. Client assumes the risk and agrees that Training for All should not be held responsible for any resulting injuries, losses, damages, costs or expenses.
  3. If Client’s dog becomes sick or ill, Client needs to report it to Training for All ahead of time to cancel Client’s appointment time and not have it count against Client. This not only protects our staff, but also your pup as well. Training for All will be happy to reschedule Client’s session when Client notifies Training for All.
  4. All dogs receiving training sessions from Training for All must have the DH2PP, Bordetella, and Leptospirosis vaccinations.
  5. Training for All will make every reasonable effort to help Client achieve training and behavior modification goals but makes no guarantee of Dog’s performance or behavior as a result of providing professional animal behavior consultation. Client understands that he/she and members of the household must follow Trainer’s instructions without modification, work with dog daily as recommended, and constantly reinforce training being given to Dog.
  6. At Training for All’s sole election, Training for All’s duties hereunder shall terminate if (a) in Training for All’s sole judgment Dog is dangerous or vicious to Training for All staff or any other person or animal, or interferes with the training of other dogs, or (b) Client breaches any term or condition of this Agreement. Upon termination in accordance with the foregoing, Trainer for All’s duties shall terminate but all other provisions of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.
  7. Clients need to be no less than 10 years of age to do any solo training with any Training for All staff members. Clients Interested in the service dog package need to be no less than 16 years of age.
  8. IMPORTANT: Clients interested in the service dog package/sessions must have a provable physical/mental disability (emotional disabilities do not qualify) along with a doctor’s note requiring a service dog and the task the dog needs too preform. If unable too provide this information can not qualify for the course. Dogs must also be under 6 months of age and must undergo temperament test evaluation from us to qualify for the training. Please note that the dog can be disqualified on initial meetings as well.